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Our Learning Guides

Guide your child to learning success with our guides

Your child's early years are crucial to their learning development.

Parental support for children's learning is known to be a key factor for success. However, there's little practical support available that busy families can use for guidance. That's why we're publishing our own Learning Guides designed to help parents unlock their child's full learning ability.

Most parents are unaware of many fun learning opportunities, tips and tricks given in our Learning Guides that will help their children become excellent learners. Our aim is to show Dads and Mums how to bring enjoyable learning into normal family life.

Our Learning Guides have simple steps to follow. Complete each step at your child's pace and make the most of the time you spend helping your child develop.

It's easy!

Following our Learning Guides is easy. The activities you do together are practical, playful and fun. Your child won't be sitting at a desk often either, they'll be doing things instead.

Children learn best through play, so we tell you how to make the most of this neglected fact.

You won't even need to have done well at school yourself to help your child succeed!

We'll help you overcome common problems (and avoid some!)

We talk to parents a lot. We found many parents were trying to help their children but with limited success... some didn't know where to start, many had given up after several failed attempts to overcome a problem.

However, some parents clearly were succeeding - what were they doing and why were their children were doing so well ?

Our idea was to collect and publish all the best strategies we could find so that more parents and their children could use this information to succeed. We also collected strategies used by experienced teachers that were suitable for parents to use at home. We even talked to retired teachers and grandparents who's had valuable pearls of wisdom we were keen to 'recycle'.

Our Learning Guides are made up of easy to use 'Learning Tracks' made up of steps which tell you exactly how to best support your child's learning in ways that compliment what they do in school. Each step describes fun 'hands-on' activities and games you do together. You progress step by step at your child's pace, using just a few minutes each day. Your child's skill levels will steadily improve.

Too good to be true?

You do need to make your child's learning a family priority so you actually do the things we tell you about, but if you can do that, your child they will make real progress.

Our Learning Tracks are designed so you don't need to be great at Numeracy or Literacy to help your child, we'll show you exactly what to do.

Parents often ask how this is possible... they say "How can I help? I'm not a teacher"
Click here to find out! As an example, we'll outline how we can guide you to help your child master 'mental maths'.

Step by step, by following our carefully designed Learning Tracks you will help develop your child's confident skills.

"Smart Learning"... Help your child learn through play

Learning is as natural an activity as eating or drinking. Think of all the complex skills your child has mastered such as walking and talking.

The huge advantage parental support has over school is that parents can easily give their children opportunities to learn through play.

We've worked out ways you can help your child learn the Numeracy and Literacy skills they need through play and fun activities.

Learning through play has several advantages - it builds enthusiasm, understanding, social skills, concentration, discovery and confidence.

Play is also a painless way to get practice in new skills.

Lastly, another major advantage of learning through play is that it avoids stress as a smile is never far away!

Full Curriculum coverage for Numeracy and Literacy up to age 12

We have mapped out fun activities covering the National Curriculum for Numeracy and Literacy.

No expensive props are required with our Learning Tracks.

Don't make this mistake!

A common mistake parents make is to make learning a family priority too late.

Making learning a priority late on is a big gamble - there may not be enough time to make the necessary improvements. It's also hugely stressful on the young child and parents. Rushed learning is not effective for the long term and it could put your child off learning.

Help your child become a confident learner

We go beyond the National Curriculum and show you how to nurture key qualities in your child that will give them a positive learning attitude for life -

  • Enthusiasm,
  • Confidence,
  • Being brave - children can be worried about failing and this can stop them trying,
  • Deep understanding,
  • Determination,
  • Learning self-sufficiency,
  • Memory skills,
  • Exploit strategies for learning,
  • Understand the relevance of what they learn,
We encourage use of their learning in practical day-to-day activities.

Take look at a sample from one of our Learning Guides

Here's an extract from our 'Literacy Learning Guide Aged X to X' -


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