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Our Charity Project

Learning has the power to change lives

We want ALL children to make the best of their learning abilities because it is through learning and education that their lives can be transformed for the better. That's an outcome that helps the children, their families and society.

By volunteering our services in partnership with charities we've found an effective way to help children and parents where improvements in learning can really make a difference.

This work also helps us. We talk to a lot of amazing parents, teachers and children - we gather knowledge on best practice as well as find out what problems parents have and help them work out practical solutions.

Partnership 1: "IRMO" located in Brixton, London

We have a wealth of knowledge we can draw upon to help families.

We have identified a range of fun activities that supports what children learn in school for Numeracy and Literacy. We exploit learning through play as well as practical practice to make learning fun. This way children can develop a deep understanding for what they learn and enjoy them selves whilst they do so - we call this 'Smart Learning'.

In partnership with IRMO we set up a 'Learning Party' for families to attend.

We are currently developing resources to exploit the technology that families already have in their phones to deliver advice to parents via MP3's translated into Spanish.

Could we help your charity?

We want to reach more children and communities through charitable organisations.
If we can help your community or charity, please contact us here.

Would you like to help us support charities?

If you have not tried it before volunteering could be one of the most rewarding things you do. It's an amazing feeling knowing that a family has benefited from your help.

If you like the sound of our charity support work and think you can help us make a difference, please contact us here.

If would like to, you can make a donation to support this work EasyStreetLearning won't take ANY donations, we offer our services for free. However, we can direct you to an established charity ("IRMO") that we have a partnership with. Please contact us here or contact "IRMO" directly.

The charity will use your donation to buy -

  • Games that promote learning (such as 'Snakes and Ladders', draughts, and Chess),
  • Buy learning materials such as educational posters, and,
  • Fund small expenses for trips to museums.

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