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Expert Tuition

Our tuition style is unique and very effective

Our tuition standards are high. Our primary aims are that your child -
  • Gains a confident understanding of what they learn,
  • Achieves high marks in tests and exams, and,
  • Enjoys their learning.

However, we offer much more than expert tuition in the subjects your child needs help in. We'll also teach some powerful techniques so they can become much more effective learners too.

A common problem parents encounter when using a tutor is that the child looses the gains made when the tuition ends. Our tuition is designed to give your child a lasting advantage they will use throughout their education.

"But why is this so important?" you might ask... Well, at some point they won't be able to rely on someone else to help them succeed. That's why it's so important to ensure your child develops excellent learning skills so that they will be able to study more effectively themselves.

Think about this analogy; charity efforts are often most effective when spent teaching the recipients new skills to help them manage better themselves, instead of simply encouraging a healthy dependency on external aid. It's the same for your child's learning, we'll ensure they gain the skills they need to help them achieve their own success in the future.

With our approach to tuition, your will child be on track for continued success in their education.

We'll nurture your child's enthusiasm for what they learn

Children do better at things they enjoy. Sadly, the importance of this fact can be neglected by the education system but for us it's a priority and an area that we excel in.

We'll show your child the practical use and relevance of what they learn. For children this is often the 'missing link' that gets them motivated about Maths, Literacy, Science and other subjects.

It should not surprise you that this approach invariably lies behind the success of the best teachers.

What does this mean in practice?

In practice this means making learning much more 'active'. To illustrate this, here are a few of the approaches we use in explaining percentages and their relevance -
  • Getting the child to read (usually aloud) an explanation of percentages from a study guide, providing explanations as necessary. This helps avoids spoon-feeding the child's learning and crucially will help them become a better learner with careful guidance from us.
  • Make sure they understand that percentages are simply another way of representing fractions with some informal verbal questions using humour and lots of encouragement.
  • Pour water into cups to test understanding and provide any additional explanation when necessary (eg. "Fill the cup to 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, then 0%")
  • Doing a home science experiment to calculate the percentage of Oxygen in the air (kids love doing this and it proves Maths is not 'boring'!)
  • Reviewing a newspaper and finding articles and advertising that includes percentages (eg. bank interest on a savings account or the split of goal attempts by two football teams).
  • Testing understanding with verbal questions (rather than dull worksheets)
  • Practice knowledge with past exam questions.
There are several advantages of this practical learning approach -
  • It generates the child's enthusiasm,
  • The child gains a deeper understand of what they learn,
  • Instead of getting bored, they stay alert and focused on learning, and,
  • Remembering what they learnt becomes much easier because they learnt in an 'active' way.

We'll help your child overcome problems so they can succeed

Effective learning requires determination, hard work, practice, maturity, responsibility, good strategies and (last but not least) good discipline.

We focus on every aspect of your child's learning to ensure successful results. The temptation for some tutors is to ignore difficult, underlying problems that will affect success - we won't. If we encounter such a problem, we'll work with the child and parents on a plan to overcome it.

Typical underlying problems that we have previously helped with include -

  • Poor concentration and memory,
  • Bad learning habits,
  • Frustration during learning,
  • Low self-esteem,
  • Low motivation,
  • Poor organisation,
  • Poor communication (spoken, written and body language), and,
  • Bad Exam Technique (including exam nerves that effect negatively performance).

We use explanation, role play, video and humour to encourage children to drop bad learning habits and to replace them with good ones. Usually solving such problems involves working closely with parents. In these situations, parents are very happy for our help as they will already be aware of the problems exist but have run out of ideas to solve them on their own.

We make learning enjoyable

We'll tune our teaching style for your child's personality. Every child is different and our one-to-one tuition caters for this very well.

We'll teach your child good 'Exam Technique'

Poor Exam Technique will prevent your child scoring as well as they could in tests and exams.

We teach a comprehensive range of excellent Exam Techniques that children will use through out their education.

We'll develop these skills early on and give your child a chance to practice their Exam Technique so that they'll be very well prepared when it comes to their exams.

We use lots of relaxed verbal quizzes - not dull worksheets!

Testing understanding is quicker with our relaxed quiz style of engaging questions. Each question can be modified based on the child's mood and concentration to get the most from each session.

Another advantage is that it's possible to ask a lot more questions and listen to the answers than can be achieved through worksheets. Also the more your child talks about the subject they'll become more confident in the concepts they need to know.

Talking about a subject also activates more parts of the brain and makes the learning more memorable and active. This helps push what they are learning into their long-term memory.

Another nice advantages of this method is that it also develops your child's communication skills.

We work with children of ALL ages and abilities

We work with children for lots of different goals -

  • 11 Plus Exams for school entrance
  • Cognitive Abilities Tests (CATs) for school assessment for Banding (Setting)
  • Children already doing well who want to take their learning to another level
  • Children performing below average looking to make real improvements
  • Children with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. We use a proven programmes and them combine with our unique approach to learning through 'doing' and play.

Peace of mind for parents

We are confident in the quality of our tuition and we want you to be too.

Parents should find a tutor that suits their child's personality, that's why we offer a FREE trial tuition session.

A Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) certificate will be shown to you on our first meeting.

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