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We can help your child succeed

We understand the problems that prevent children achieving their full potential. Contact us now to discuss how we can help your child succeed.

Email: Support@EasyStreetLearning.com

Landline: 0845 28 707 98 or (44) 845 28 707 98 (outside the UK)

Mobile: 07988 930 024

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RP (Barnet, London)

"Our previous tutor gave worksheets to our children and they were getting more and more bored, so we decided to look for a new tutor. We're very happy we changed!"

"Our daughter was 2 weeks away from her exam but she kept making silly mistakes. Our tutor showed her exam techniques and now she is feeling much more confident than before"

SK (Barnet, London)

"I was very happy the tuition suited my son's personality, that was a priority for us as well as good results."

"My son was reluctant to do anything to do with learning. Our tutor made learning fun for him and the battles to get him to do his homework have pretty much stopped."

BM (Barnet, London)

"My daughter was struggling with her GCSE preparation, especially maths. We tried everything we could think of, but nothing was working. Our personal Easystreetlearning tutor quickly identified what the problems were and my daughter feels much happier about taking her GCSE's this summer!

KO (Barnet, London)

"My son has always been behind in maths but as much as we tried, we could not help him. Our tutor was able to find the problems with his mental maths and gave us excellent materials for him to practice."

"Both of us were very surprised at how much he improved after just 3 weeks on easystreetlearning's tailor- made learning plan"

About EasyStreetLearning

We believe learning provides the best opportunity for children to secure a bright future.

Sadly, too many children fail to achieve their best in their education. Perhaps surprisingly, we're not just talking about under-privilaged children - we believe children from ALL backgrounds are under-achieving. We think this is a tragedy for those children and we've taken the time to carefully understand the reasons behind it.

After spending years listening to parents, researching and experimenting, we've developed a range of practical solutions to the problems we found as well as fun learning methods. Often the problems lie outside of what schools can practically deal with.

The idea for EasyStreetLearning was conceived in 2007. Our mission is to help more children reach their full potential for learning.

Often this means working with parents to solve underlying problems affecting their children's learning. Examples of these problems are; poor concentration and memory, lack of practice, low motivation and poor learning habits.

EasyStreetLearning is a trademark owned by Gopal Services Limited. Gopal Services Limited is a UK registered company since 1998.

Thank you to those who have shared their stories with us

Thank you to the the many parents, children, teachers, students and grandparents that took the time to tell us about their experiences over the years! We've met some amazing people. Your imagination, resourcefulness and determination has been our inspiration.

Our strength comes from creating and collecting successful learning strategies. If you have a learning tip you would like to share, please contact us, we would love to hear from you!

Can you help us? We're looking to interview anyone who wants to share their experiences of overcoming dyslexia or dyscalculia for a new article we're writing. We will 'recycle' your valuable experiences and tips so others can benefit.

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