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Our Advice Service

Did you know parental support is a major factor affecting children's learning success?

Parents are often unaware of the many easy and effective ways they can influence how well their children do at school. Additionally, as the years pass, parents can face many obstacles that make it harder to help their children.

Our aim is to show parents how they can provide the specific learning support their children need and how to overcome the problems they face.

We can guide you to help your child make the most of their education. With our Advice Service, we'll typically come once a month to talk over the current issues related to your children's learning. This also includes any factors that effect learning such as discipline, confidence or school related problems.

We can even demonstrate our methods with your children so you can be more confident doing it yourself.

How we can help you

We have a wealth of relevant knowledge we can draw upon to help your family.

We have identified a range of fun activities that supports what your child learns in school for Numeracy and Literacy. We'll show you how your child can learn through play, applying and practicing what they learn in school in a practical way. This way your child will develop a deep understanding for what they learn and enjoy them selves whilst they do so - we call it 'Smart Learning'.

We're also constantly talking to families about their children?s learning, working with teachers, studying the latest research and books available to develop the best learning strategies that you can use. We can also draw from our experience of our private tuition service and our work with charities.

We'll develop a 'Personal Learning Plan' specifically for your child

Image of a PLP.

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