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Practical discipline techniques that work! The 2012 Olympic legacy for success in learning
How to motivate your child to do homework Football (or any hobby) = Valuable fun learning

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These are our current FREE Trials available, to proceed -

1. FREE trial tuition session

2. FREE presentations in schools for parents and optionally children too (London area only).
Our presentations include -

  • Mental Maths Secrets Revealed and Made Easy (for SATs & GCSE)
  • Written Calculations Methods Revealed and Made Easy (for SATs & GCSE)
  • Secrets of Excellent Story Writing Revealed and Made Easy
  • Advice for Parents Preparing Their Children to Start School
  • How to Grow Your Child's Abilities by 'Learning Through Play'
  • Tips for Making the Most of Reading With Your Child
  • SATs - How Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed

3. FREE Trial of our 'EasyStreetLearning Employee Benefit'
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FREE SATs Exam Past Papers and Model Answers

Practicing doing tests should be part of your child's test preparation.

Parents can use our model answers to help their children when they get stuck. Our model answers have clear explanations and include some notes on the topics needed to answer the question.

FREE SATs Key Stage 2 Maths Exam and Model Answers

Click the Key Stage 2 SATs Exam Papers below get your copy now -

Download Key Stage 2 Maths Exam (Non-calculator paper)
Download Key Stage 2 Maths Exam (Non-calculator paper) with Model Answers

Exam papers alone aren't much help, if you can't work out the answers, that's why we've included Model Answers for you to download too.

FREE Edexcel GCSE Maths Paper 1 February 2013 Model Answers

Click images below, to view the Edexcel GCSE Maths Paper 1 February 2013 Model Answers -

Download Edexcel GCSE Maths A Paper 1 Maths February 2013 (Non-calculator paper)

FREE Edexcel GCSE Maths Paper 2 March 2013 Model Answers

Click images below, to view the Edexcel GCSE Maths Paper 2 March 2013 Model Answers -

Download Edexcel GCSE Maths A Paper 2 Maths March 2013 (Calculator paper)

FREE 3D shapes to build (non-verbal reasoning)

Non-verbal Reasoning tests are a type of intelligence test. They are used by schools to measure children's ability to learn.

These tests form part of 11 Plus Tests and Cognitive Abilities Tests (commonly known as 'CAT Tests').

One of the areas tested is the ability to think about 3D shapes and how they are constructed. You can help your child develop this skill by printing the links below and helping them build the shapes.

FREE 3D cube folding animation (non-verbal reasoning)

Visualising things in your mind is a key skill for 'Non-verbal Reasoning' which often forms part of 11 Plus tests.

We help children develop this skill by doing things so they can draw on these memories to help them solve Non-verbal Reasoning problems. Get your child to watch the video below once a day for a while so they can develop their 3D visualisation ability.

This video was taken from the DVD that comes with our 'EasyStreetLearning Non-verbal Reasoning Study Guide'

FREE 'EasyStreetLearning Times Tables Learning Plan'

Learning the Times Tables confidently is a major factor for your child's future maths success and enjoyment.

Sadly, many children use ineffective methods to learn their Times Tables resulting in low motivation and poor skill levels. Don't let your child be one of them - instead help them succeed with our FREE step by step guide, 'The EasyStreetLearning Times Table Learning Plan'.

Our guide is easy to follow, with video clips and interactive practice. You'll even get automatic emails telling you how they are progressing!

Get a FREE personalised story for your child

Your child's self-esteem and enthusiasm will grow from experiences like seeing their name in print.

That's why we created this FREE personalised story for your child. The story uses key tips from our 'Secrets for Story Writing'.

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