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FACTS Every Parent Should Know

Facts Proven by Independent Research

The full report can be found here, "The Impact of Parental Involvement on Children's Education" published by The Department for Education (UK) - Crown copyright 2010. These were it's main findings -

In the early years, parental involvement has a significant impact on children's development, literacy and number skills.
Parental involvement has a significant effect on pupil achievement throughout the years of schooling.
Educational failure is increased by lack of parental interest in schooling.
In particular, a father's interest in a child's schooling is strongly linked to educational outcomes for the child.
Most parents believe that the responsibility for their child's education is shared between parents and the school.
Many parents want to be involved in their children's education. In a recent study in England 72% of parents said that they wanted more involvement.

Reproduced in accordance with 'The Crown Copyright'. - Crown copyright 2010.

Additional research findings

Family participation in education was twice as predictive of students' academic success as family socio-economic status. Some of the more intensive programs had effects that were 10 times greater than other factors.

Walberg (1984) in his review of 29 studies of school-parent programs.

The earlier in a child's educational process parent involvement begins, the more powerful the effects.

K. Cotton, K. Wikelund, School Improvement Research Series, 'Parent Involvement in Education'.

Although most parents do not know how to help their children with their education, with guidance and support, they may become increasingly involved in home learning activities.

Roberts, 1992. 'Resources for Parent/Family Involvement'. 'ERIC Digest' by Ngeow, Karen Yeok-Hwa, 1999.


Parental support for children's learning helps children make the most of their education.

EasyStreetLearning was created to help parent's using the most effective and fun ways.

We also help parents by finding ways to overcome the common problems that are preventing their children succeeding.

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